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3 Comments on "Epictetus and the Stoic art of living"

Zen Motivation – Free your mind and your a…
3 years 10 days ago

[…] also ties in with my stoic belief that true happiness, personal effectiveness, and tranquility can only be found through the focus […]

Zen Motivation – The secret sauce to freedom, happiness, and inner peace
3 years 14 days ago

[…] been splashing around the hashtag #stoic4life. In the blog, I plan to explore more about what stoicism as a philosophy of life means. One of the things that draws me to practice stoicism is that it completely supports many of […]

Zen Motivation – Personal development and the whole person concept
3 years 19 days ago

[…] train my Awareness of self and others through the practice of positive psychology and practical philosophy. For me this is about learning how to use this powerful and wonderful tool we call a mind and […]