Goal Driven Or Go With The Flow

There’s a big push in Western Society to be goal driven.  If you’re not striving to achieve something, you’re somehow seen as a slacker or a failure or a waste.  But I have to admit that my happiest times are when I am not focused on goals or achieving something or chasing some elusive purpose. When I am just living in the moment, just being here now in this space, in this place enjoying the very act of being alive, I am at my happiest.  Isn’t that enough, just to be happy and grateful to be around to draw breath?

I know in the personal development world having goals, chasing success (whatever that means) is like the BIG thing.  Even my strapline – become the best version of yourself – is a push to achieve something.  And I get it, maybe, as a species, we are wired for achievement, just look at all we have accomplished collectively.

I like to just be.  24 hours is a long enough timeframe for me.  But there’s such a tendency for us to not occupy the NOW. In our minds we are either re-living some past event or thinking about some future event. Only time we snap into the present is when something demands our immediate attention like the phone ringing or someone calling our names or that car that’s just swerved into our lane.  But after that moment passes, we’re right back in the past or the future.

I must confess I feel guilty when I just allow myself to be.  I feel guilty, because I feel like I should be planning for something – that my diary should be so full that I don’t have time to do anything.  What’s that about?

So where do you fall out on the spectrum – are you goal-oriented or a go with flow kind of person? Are you happy just to BE or do you need to be DOing something?

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